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Sun 2/22 Worship    9:30am
Sun 2/22 Fellowship    10:30am
Sun 2/22 Sunday School    11:00am
Sun 2/22 Pastor Dave's program on Brazil   11:00am
Tue 2/24 Prayer Gathering   9:00am
Wed 2/25 Confirmation    5:00pm
Wed 2/25 Soup Supper    6:00pm
Wed 2/25 Lenten Worship  7:00pm
Fri 2/27 OPALS Breakfast  9:30am



Sun 3/1 Worship    9:30am
Sun 3/1 Fellowship   10:30am
Sun 3/1 Sunday School  10:45am
Sun 3/1 Adult Bible Study  11:00am
Tue 3/3 Prayer Gathering    9:00am
Tue 3/3 First Tuesday Bible Study  10:30am
Wed 3/4 Martha Circle    1:00pm
Wed 3/4 Confirmation    5:00pm
Wed 3/4 Soup Supper    6:00pm
Wed 3/4 Lenten Worship    7:00pm
Sat 4/7 New Member Orientation    9:00am



"Sounds of Silver" Flute Ensemble


Christmas Play - "Sleepover at the Stable"



                                                  UPCOMING AND ONGOING                                                          


NEW MEMBERSHIP WORKSHOP Saturday, March 7, starting at 9am Grace will offer a "mash up" on the basics of the Lutheran faith. This will cover the basics of Christianity, Martin Luther and Lutheranism. 
GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH ANNUAL MEETING was held on January 25 at 11:00am. The budget for 2015 was passed.
HELP REQUESTED the council would like your help in forming COMMISSIONS for some of the council responsibilities.  More information and sign up sheets are on the bulletin board in the narthex
LOOKING FOR SOME GOOD READING?  'Check out' the books in the library.  There are many books, suitable for all ages, many topics and subjects.  To check a book out simply sign and date the card in the back of the book and place the card in the wood box on the library shelf.

FIRST TUESDAY BIBLE STUDY Meets every first Tuesday of the month at 10:30am in the church library

MARTHA CIRCLE Meets every first Wednesday of the month at 1:00pm in the church library
EVERY SECOND MONDAY from 9:15am to 3:00pm - Global Health Ministries - Bloomington Volunteers 
SECOND SUNDAYS of the month will be VEAP Offering Sundays.  Instead of collecting for the DUO fund, the kids will collect non-perishable food items for the food shelves at VEAP.  So instead of loose change, bring some loose cans! 
THIRD SUNDAYS of the month will offer a "walk through" communion instead of kneeling on the kneelers.  First Sundays of the month will continue with the kneelers.

SUNDAY SCHOOL will meet in Luther Hall at 10:45am every Sunday morning.  

MEMBERSHIP  Grace welcomes new members!  If you are interested in becoming a member of Grace Lutheran Church and working to build God's Kingdom in this community, please speak with the office.

PRAYER GATHERING  Continuing Tuesday mornings!  Gather here at Grace to help pray for world and local events as well as every member of our congregation.   

VEAP Grace can help the hungry right here in Bloomington by placing non-perishable items in the "Feed My Sheep" box in the narthex.  Veap also takes cash donations.  Through VEAP's buying network, each dollar donated has the purchasing power of seven. 

ACOLYTE TRAINING  Acolyte training is open to older students who are interested in helping with specific tasks during the worship service.  Any interested students should speak with their parents and then contact the office. 

SERMONS ON YOUTUBE  Click here or on the link at the bottom of the Home page to view previous Grace sermons on YouTube.  

Please note that hospitals and care facilities are no longer legally able to release information on their patients.  If you would like to be placed on the prayer chain, or have the pastoral staff informed of your hospital stay, please contact the office at 952-854-6638.  

                                                              PAST EVENTS                                                                  

VBS HAS COME AND GONE   and was one of the most successful since Sonrise National Park.  Nearly thirty children every single day singing, playing and worshiping.  The children enjoyed this program so much they came every day and even wanted it to continue.  Then VBS Sunday was outstanding with outdoor worship and the children helping Pastor Dave with the telling of the Exodus story.  We had an awesome potluck picnic following the service.  The Sport Camp was a great way to learn about God's Game Plan. 
A ROCKIN' ROYAL CHRISTMAS was not only an awesome event but well attended.  One hundred and ten people watched the program.  Thank you to Britt Halaas, Ben and Tara Humlie, Pastor Dave, the Grace Tech crew and all the kids who made this a wonderful morning and message.
VEAP SUNDAY Toy Drive was the best ever!  Over eighty items were given not counting gift cards, cash and food making this drive the best yet.  THANK YOU GRACE!!
ANNUAL BAKE AND CRAFT SALE!  went well!  Thank you to all who made this event a great success!
VEAP HOLIDAY TOY AND FOOD DRIVE Was a great success.  Click here for a list
BLESSING OF THE BACKPACKS went well!  Pastor Grant had the children come up with thier backpacks in tow.  The special blessing also included all those who worked and volunteered for the schools as well. 
RALLY SUNDAY went great!  There were hotdogs, burgers, brats and chips, Audrey's awesome potato salad and watermelon.  We even had a keg of 1919 Rootbeer!  What a way to welcome our new pastor!  
AUGUST 12th WAS LUTHER NIGHT AT THE TWINS and once again, Grace went!  For a cost of $13.00 for upper level tickets everything went a lot better this time.  We still had a snafu or two but it was a great game with the Twins winning and great fun and fellowship had by all.  We will go again so stayed tuned!
GRACE SOFTBALLThe Play-Offs are done!  GRACE Softball lost thier second game Tuesday going 2-2 in the playoffs for the second year in a row.  After finishing the game that was postponed due to rain, GRACE came back with a win 10-9 against the Windsocks.  We impressed a "DLeague" Double Header team by not backing down even after they pulled way ahead in the score.  GRACE did loose that game 20-10 against "Teh Peanut Gallery.  GRACE will return next spring for another season of softball!
VBS WAS AWESOME!  Once again we had a very successfull VBS!  Even though the adult Bible study portion didn't go as planned we still had a great turn out with some parents staying and helping with every aspect of the evening, from worship to music to crafts to Bible time and even games, everyone had a great time!  The food was awesome as well as we visited five different countries.  Huge THANKS to all of those who purchased product for the VEAP Birthday Bags again this year.  Twenty large and very full colorful bags were delivered to help make birthdays actually happen for those who would otherwise not have one. 
GRACE WENT CAMPING AGAIN!  Where? Lake Byllesby!  When?  June 28-30!  This was truly a great time.  The Awesome Ben Humlie Fish Fry on Saturday night was superb followed up with S'mores.  The kids went swimming, and everyone went fishing.  Ben caught a three pound carp, Bella caught a blue gill and a sheephead, Al caught a sunfish.  Even though it rained on Friday (and all night as well) it was a great time.  Saturday was bright and sunny.  We will do this again next year so stay tuned. 

AFFIRMATION OF BAPTISM was held on April 7, 2013.  Our confirmands this year were Tiller and Jennifer Miller, Emily Grant, Sarah Kottwitz and Joey Rossen.  Congratulations to them and keep them all, including our awesome Pastor Becky, in your prayers. 

YOUTH LOCK IN WAS AWESOME!  We had more kids than ever playing games, watching movies, eating "junk food" and staying up all night!  The next UP ALL NIGHT" event will be this fall!  Don't miss it!
WELCH VILLAGE YOUTH SKI TRIP WAS AWESOME!  The weather was perfect and the company was wonderful.  We had an absolutely great time!  Get ready to do it again next year!
THE ANNUAL CONGRAGATIONAL MEETING OF GRACE LUTHERAN CHURCH was held on Sunday, January 27, 2013, following the worship service.  After a few minor changes, the 2013 Budget was passed.
SUNDAY SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM was held on Sunday, December 16th, during service. Called "Broadcasting Christmas" we revisited 1940's radio drama!  The story, as told on WJOY Radio.  All the kids and even the adults participated.  Miss Placed was looking for the real reason behind Christmas.  From visiting a department store, a deli and a holiday party, the "gumshum" and Miss Placed finally find Christmas at a church.  I was a great time!



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